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Measured Fitness Lab is a mobile testing truck that provides affordable 3d body imaging, body fat %, precise measurements, cardio fitness, and metabolic testing.  We also offer food intolerance and nutrient testing.  Testosterone, thyroid, cholesterol, and other home lab tests are available through our online partner.

Serving Northern NV and Lake Tahoe.  Sign up at an existing location or help bring our mobile lab to your gym, office, or event.

Fit3D Body Scan

Obtain a full 3D body image, body fat % using a DXA correlated algorithm, precise body measurements, body shape wellness scoring, and posture analysis. Built in scale also captures weight and balance.  View your data from any device, the cloud software calculates and tracks where you have lost or gained inches through multiple scans.  You can also share your data with your fitness coach, nutritionist, and doctor.

The Fit3D is a fantastic tool available in this day and age that will show entirely consistent and completely accurate progress. Staying healthy is imperative, so having a scan that helps fast track you on your road to well-being is something worth considering. Being able to compare scans over time in a secure, online dashboard as well as being able to track detailed summaries of your fitness progress is extremely beneficial and efficient. With the insight and benefits of the fit 3D scanner, there’s little doubt that this technology is the next generation of fitness.

VO2 max Cardio Fitness Testing and (RMR) Resting Metabolic Rate

The RMR Test is a simple, non-invasive test that accurately measures how many calories you burn at rest. During the test, a machine captures and analyzes the composition of your breath, determining your oxygen consumption, to measure the rate at which you consume energy.

Everyone burn calories at their own unique rate.  RMR calculates the amount of calories YOU burn at rest over a 24 hour period.  

The VO2 Test assesses your level of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.  The test will capture your max heart rate, and provide information on your body's unique tendencies to burn fat versus carbohydrates at different exercise intensities.  Track improvements and/or know where to keep your heart rate to pinpoint your aerobic level to maximize the amount of fat you burn.  Know Your Body and exactly what heart rate you burn the most fat.  Train smarter, not harder!

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Serving Northern NV and Lake Tahoe.  Sign up at an existing location or help bring our mobile testing truck to your gym, office, or event.

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