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About our Program

Unlike other programs, our Sponsored Athletes aren't required to purchase items or invest a certain amount in our services. They also aren't required to sell services to people. So, what is the program about?

Our Sponsored Athletes are chosen based on their passion and genuine love of fitness, health, helping others achieve their goals in fitness and/or in life, and other extraordinary traits that add a positive force to #TeamMeasuredFitnessLab. 

We provide our athletes with an athlete package at our lab free of charge to help them not only understand how the testing works and how easy it is, but also how much more effective their efforts will be in reaching their goal when they are armed with the accurate information from our tests! All we ask in exchange is monthly promotion (once per month minimum) of Measured Fitness Lab on the athletes social media accounts, and recommending our services to family, friends and co-workers whenever possible. 

Does this sound like you? Email us at: info@measuredfitnesslab.com to apply!

You must include:

1. Explain what makes you a good fit for Measured Fitness Lab.

2. Explain what services you have tried or would like to try that we provide.

3. Explain how you could help spread the word about our services and the value they provide.

4. Any other information you would like us to know about you.

5. Recent photos of yourself. Fitness photos or photos of you being active are preferred.